About This Blog

People Development Center is a division managed by EMC HR (Human Resource) Dept. With the function to develop cultures across all EMC in Southeast Asia, and nurture the sense of belonging at work.

EMC Vision :

To Become Largest Data-Driven
Digital Media Buying technology company with
science and data approach.

EMC Mission :

Our mission is that though the use of our technology, people will have more time to dedicate their creativity and maximize media buying industry.

EMC Culture :

Urip Iku Urup

A good life is a life which can gives positive contribution to the our clients, teams and shareholders.

Aja Adigang-Gung-Guna

Always avoid self centered and power oriented mind-set. Its very important to have delicate sensibilities , as well as a high tolerance in our life.


Sabar Atine, Saleh Pikolahe, Sareh Tumindake. Be patient and yield in order to become God’s lover.