New members of EMC Jakarta, Jogja, and Thailand in February 2019

Hello EMC Team! Introducing the new members of EMC-Group based in Jakarta, Jogja, and Thailand. In total we have 12 new staff at EMC-Group. Let’s see their video to know more about them

Yeay! We have Ms. Chanida Tulyathip, or you can call her Ms. Ole as Creative Copy and Influencer Manager at EMC Thailand


We have some members at EMC Jakarta, here they are:

Below is the video of Mr. Steven Moniaga as Sales Director


In EMC sales team we have also Mr. Riky Marojahan as Sales Manager


Here is Ms. Marsha Indira as Sales Admin


Mr. Bayu Putra as the new CTO of EMC-Group


Next is Mr. Indra Malik as Junior Android Developer


Ms. Sizka as Sales Executive and Ms. Winda as Project Executive joining for Aidoru team based in Jakarta


Jogja Team have some members joining Aidoru team in February

First is Ms. Desti Tri Astusi as Social Media Admin


We have Ms. Aulia Taarufi as Social Media Specialist


Ms. Wilma Ramadanti as Buzzer Specialist


The last one is Ms. Fransisca Dwi Febrianti Puspitasari as Buzzer Specialist


Welcome all of you!

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