New Members of EMC Jakarta & Yogyakarta in April 2018

Hi all!

We have new members in Jakarta & Jogjakarta Team in this April 2018. Here they are..


Mrs. Adelia Paramitha as Account Director in EMC Jakarta 😀


Mrs. Rahmawati as Senior Finance Manager in EMC Jakarta


Mr. Arif Darmaji as Head Of AdOps in EMC Jakarta


Ms. Dhita Utami as Buzzer Specialist in AIDORU


Ms. Fitria Yusrifa as Content Strategy Specialist in AIDORU


Ms. Suyani as Graphic Designer in AIDORU


Mr. Yolanda Fajar Nurmanto as Content Strategy Specialist in AIDIA


Mr. Yusuf Alif Satriyo as Graphic Designer in AIDIA


Welcome aboard for you all! Let’s make a #change for #betterfuture in EMC-Group 😀

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